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Serving Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley area, Terre Haute Tree Services offers referral in high quality and trusted comprehensive tree services.  Specializing in connecting clients in tree trimming, tree removal, emergency services, stump removal and everything in between with highly rated tree service professionals, no project is too big or too small.  Contact us today and experience the difference!

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About Us

Connecting you with trusted, high quality service and customer satisfaction is our passion.

Every tree has story – trees are a critical component to our ecosystem and experience extreme conditions across their life.  Internally, trees capture these stories through their visual rings and complex nutrient systems; externally, trees proudly promote their pasts through their majestic size and undeniable beauty, as if inviting us to share in their adventure.

We are passionate about preserving these stories and telling their tales through our work.  Our partner services span from tree pruning and maintenance to full plant removal and clean up that meets and exceeds our clients needs and expectations.  Our diverse and experienced providers work to not only truly understand your need up front, but pridefully deliver a result that is timely, affordable, fair and complete.  Tree service is our passion – let us handle your project today and translate the tales of your property’s grand beholders.

Tree Services in Terre Haute

Our outreach of tree service offers complete and comprehensive solutions for any need and project

Tree Pruning

Routine pruning is essential to your tree care routine to maintain appearance, health and sustainability

Stump Grinding

Remnant tree stumps are not only unsightly – they can also pose as a tripping hazard and attract unwanted pests

Tree Removal

Dead trees present a risk to personal property, requiring their removal to be properly planned and executed 

Emergency Services

Storm cleanup and other emergency needs require urgent response and a partner you can trust

Customer Reviews

"I had old stumps all over my yard that were there when we bought the house a couple years ago. They took out the guessing of what provider I should be considering - the work was quick and I am confident that I made the right call. I no longer worry about someone tripping when we have friends and family around. I am not in the market often, but I have a new 'go-to' when it comes to ensuring I have the best service provider in the area at my property."
Ben F.
Terre Haute Resident
"Our family is busy - frankly, I don't have time to deal with the stress of digging through ads and pages of websites. I needed a couple trees down and I needed them down quick. I was prioritized with the best provider in the area - the work was outstanding, and the team treated my yard and property as if it was their own. I highly recommend."
Taylor R.
Terre Haute Resident
"Wow - just wow! I wish they did more than just tree service! I have a large lot that saw 4 large trees badly damaged in a recent storm. I had 3 others that needed removed. The provider promptly returned my call and were on the job. I have already told my neighbor who is looking for some work done later this year who, similar to me, was not sure where to turn."
Lydia G.
Terre Haute Resident